Hey y’all! My name’s Chris and I operate One Dozen Cats; a media transfer (and recovery) house, live music archive & occasional record shop located in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ve been deeply interested in physical media, both analog and digital, for most of my life and have dedicated innumerable hours to proper handling and preservation of said media. In addition, I’ve put in countless miles playing & touring with several DIY indie/shoegaze/experimental projects such as Grave Saddles, Ambersmoke, Crisis Arm & Airs and apply that same DIY ethos to everything under the One Dozen Cats umbrella. NOTAFLOF always in effect here!

As a live music recordist (classy way of saying “taper”) I take a special interest in recordings of live performances across all genres. I’ve recorded thousands of sets in basements, backyards and bars all across the country

with equipment ranging from cassette recorders and Vidicon tube cameras to modern mirrorless 4K video. I’ve also digitized countless VHS, 8mm, cassette (& more) recordings from the tape trading era in the highest possible archival quality. Transfer services for live music related content will always be free or darn near free, so get in touch if you have a box of tapes collecting dust in the closet. See the services page for more details.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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